PORTAL uses the EV Eliminator series speaker cabinets. The 4 subs are powered by the EV Q66 amp. The 4 mains are powered by the EV Q44 amp.  The crossover frequency is around 100Hz & is controlled by a Dod 835 crossover. Feedback is controlled with a Peavey Q231 FLS.

Our mixer is a Mackie SR324-VLZ PRO. Signals are carried to & from the stage by 2 16x4 snakes. We also have a Samson PL2404 we use as a submixer when needed.

Monitoring is accomplished with a Mackie SR244-VLZ PRO. We use 4 SHS10 monitor speakers & 2 Yamaha SV12m monitor speakers powered by a Samson F800 & a Peavey PV500 amps. Our drummer uses AKG K-66 headphones powered by a Rolls RA62 headphone amp. EQ for the monitors is controlled with a Peavey Q231 FLS and a Behringer DSP1124P Feedback Destroyer Pro.

Our vocal mics are Samson UHF Synth 32 wireless. We have 4 headsets & 1 handheld. The drums & auxilliary percussion mics are  Samson & Audio Technica.

Sound Reinforcement

PORTAL uses the Alesis QS8 keyboard.

Guitars include  2 Fender Strats,  an Ibanez electirc, a Fender Showmaster, a Fender Jazz 5 string bass, a Sigma acoustic/electric and 2 Greg Bennett Signature Series acoustic/electric.

Our drums are a Tama Rockstar 8 piece kit. The throne is a Roc-n-Soc with the back rest. The hi-hat uses Paiste cymbals. The rest of the cymbals are: a 10" Paiste splash, a 16" Paiste thin crash, a 14" Paiste thin crash, a 13" Zildjian Azuka, a set of Sabian 10" mini-hats, a 20" Zildjian ride, a Kamber 7" Ice Bell and a Wuhan 12" china cymbal. The kick drum pedal is  a Tama Iron Cobra double kick.
All of this supported by a Pearl DR500 drum rack.

PORTAL uses a variety of Latin percussion instruments. We have 2 Rhythm Tech tamborines. One is mounted & one hand held. We have several LP  shakers & a couple of eggs. We also have a couple of LP chime eggs. Other LP instruments include a cabasa, wind chimes & a rain stick. A Rhythm Tech trigger triangle completes our Latin percussion section. Our latest addition are CP Percussion bongos & a Remo Klong Yaw.

Signal Processing

We use a Yamaha SPX90II & an ART ProVerb for reverb. We also have a Line 6 Echo Pro.

Our acoustic guitars are processed with the Yamaha AG Stomp.

Our lead guitar player uses a Line 6 POD & a Fender Stage 100 half stack or a Princeton Chorus amp. Our rhythm electric is processed with a Line 6 HD147 with a Vetta 412S Cab.

We have 2 Samson S-Com 4's to gate & control the dynamics of the drums.

Stage Lighting

PORTAL uses stage lighting when we are playing for youth events & concerts. Most of our stage lighting is MBT. We use 26 Par 38 cans controlled by the C-1212 12 Channel / 12 Scene Dimming Controller. We have 2 strobes, too. Our center piece lights are 3 Chauvet Mini Legend Intellegent lights. We have 2 American DJ Starball 2000's. We also have 2 MBT Jr. Foggers. .We have 4 American DJ RotoPods &  the American DJ Saturn 4.

John 10:9 I am the door: by me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved....